Endocore lab srl is an active company in three areas:


Supporting clinical trials and other research services providing adequate resources, skills and outcomes for the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device industries. We are committed to design disruptive approaches to highlight the value of your product. From the creation of novel projects to acquisition of accurate data and interpretation, Endocore delivers the high-quality science to backup your success. We provide a complete list of services to cover all research needs.


With this activity, Endocore intend to advance science by providing first-hand education through personalized training and scientific meetings of the highest level and utmost quality. As part of this process, we have started the accreditation process to become official providers of educational credits. We work following and corresponding to the new MedTech rules.


We provide the independent third party expertise to legitimize your research while moving your innovative product from the bench to bed side. Endocore’s Complete Imaging Labs by experienced medical experts specializing in all aspects of selective cardiovascular disease (Co2 angiography / angiography, ultrasound, tomography and magnetic resonance imaging); oncology and hematology; metabolic disorders, CNS; infectious and other diseases that guarantee the high quality of services. These Key Opinion Leaders are world leaders in the scientific community, in the vascular and endovascular fields and in other medical fields, who provide the knowledge, the objective, the non-partialized, independent assessment data, the third party. Our team is dedicated to performing qualitative and quantitative assessment for diagnostic and therapeutics modalities.

Quality Policy

In consideration to its activities and provided services and to the commitment to guarantee high quality performance and continuous improvement, EndoCore Lab – Imaging Core Lab has the following objectives to satisfy its customers and to be a leading organization in its sector:

1. To Guarantee to the customer the evaluation of medical images service by KOL, which are qualified medical experts of the Scientific Committee;

2. To ensure the access, the management and the direct transmission of data and images between the client and the KOL of the Scientific Committee, through a dedicated WebPax system;

3. To Guarantee to the customers a competitive service in comparison to the reference or target market;

4. The implementation of internal organizational policies that constantly monitored and revised and the choice of improvement objectives. These goals are based on a specific analysis of the context in which Endocore Lab operates through the commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality management system, with the aim of ensuring constant monitoring and development of its activities and processes.