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    EndoCore Lab offers unique consulting to businesses and medical device developers, backed by its close relations with renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the vascular space.

Medical device development

Clinical trials and economic analysis are crucial in vascular diseases, in particular, in Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) where treatments often involve the use of medical devices.

From a clinical perspective, the development of medical devices is driven by the need to address specific medical conditions and improve patient outcomes.

From an economic perspective, the development of medical devices is also driven by market forces. The success of a medical device often depends on its ability to provide value to patients and healthcare systems, such as improved outcomes and reduced costs.

EndoCore Lab offers value-based evidence services aimed at developing your medical devices from both a clinical and economic perspective.


From pre-lauch to post-market

EndoCore Lab offers expertise in various aspects of medical device development, from pre-launch to post-market.

By providing value-based evidence services, international Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) expert in PAD can contribute to the understanding of the medical device industry and the development of new, cost-effective medical devices that improve patient outcomes and reduce economic burden.

Our team of experts can support you through the product life cycle, from pre-launch to post-market surveillance, providing guidance on clinical and economic considerations.

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