Health Economics and Outcomes Research is a service that helps determine the value per spent unit of cost of health products and services.

Strategic and economic planning

EndoCore Lab provides a Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) service to medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, in order to determine the value per unit of cost of products and services

The HEOR service is intended to assist companies in making better-informed strategic decisions and economic planning, based on observational data analysis, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit comparison and other market indicators.

Also is intended to generate relevant value evidence to smooth market access and reimbursement processes.

Furthermore, and not less important, should complement clinical evidence in order stakeholders to choose the optimus treatment for each patient and lesion.


HEOR services

By integrating HEOR from the early stages of the product life cycle, we can help medical devices and pharmaceutical companies to better direct their investments and efforts from the very first beginning. Please ask us about ‘feasability analysis’

HEOR provides powerful data and insights to determine:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Cost-benefit
  • Feasability Analysis
  • Value-Literature review
  • Expert Panel

We are able to adapt our value offer to every kind of need by offering a complete portfolio of solutions within the different evidence levels.

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