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    Our team provides independent, qualitative, and quantitative assessments for diagnostic images.

Our Imaging CoreLab service

Collection and interpretation of medical images and reports are essential in determining clinical outcomes within the medical research process, but they can be often challenging to manage.

Unreliable and inaccurate diagnostic services are time and money consuming, furthermore, have an impact on diagnosis delays that impede or even prevent progress in research outcomes.

EndoCore Lab provides a specialized Imaging CoreLab service that ensures safe storage, patient privacy and high quality research data basing on an impartial third-part revision of the diagnostic images to confirm patients eligibility and a critical review of the revaluations provided by protocol.

Within our CRO suite or as a single service option, you can get reliable results with complete confidence in the accuracy of your data.

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Imaging Corelab Scientific Committee

Dr. Larry Diaz
Prof Giuseppe Ambrosio
Prof James Caridi
Dr Giacomo Clerici
Dr Fabrizio Fanelli
Dr Angel Ferrario
Dr Gianfranco Lessiani
Dr Marco Manzi
Prof Massimo Montisci
Dr Mariano Luis Palena
Prof Claudio Javier Schönholz
Dr Shannon Thomas
Dr Giovanni Torsello
Prof Chandra Venita

Indipendent diagnostic assessment

Our Imaging CoreLab is a specialized service that provides impartial, qualitative, and quantitative data assessment to give the confidence you need when publishing your research.

Our network of KOLs specializing in cardiovascular disease imaging (e.g. CO2 angiography, angiography, ultrasound, tomography, and MRI) provides a high quality third-party expertise.

Our medical experts assure reliable and trustworthy results to your research.

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