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The web pages that make up the Website and what is contained therein (including but not limited to: texts, images, graphics, sounds) are protected by copyright by the Company or include material the use of which has been duly authorized; therefore it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, publish, transmit them (in whole or in part) in any form and manner.
No reproduction of the Site or parts thereof may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.
The download of material on the Site is lawful only if expressly authorized with appropriate indication within the web pages; this authorization only concerns the use for personal and non-commercial purposes of the downloaded material, while any other form of use is strictly forbidden. Nothing on this Site can be interpreted as an express or tacit license in favor of third parties for the use of trademarks, texts, images, graphics, sounds and any other item of property referred to in the preceding paragraphs.
The eventual sending to the Site of material by the Users is governed by the specific Regulations that establish the conditions for sending material to the sections dedicated to that and expressly referred to; it is recommended to read the Regulations carefully before sending.
EndoCore Lab operates with the utmost diligence possible in order to select and update the contents of the Site; in any case, the Company declines all responsibility in the event that the information shown is incomplete or incomplete or contains errors of any kind.
EndoCore Lab also declines any responsibility for any damage that may arise to Users and their properties as a result of access to the Site, the inability to access the Site or downloading material on the Site where it is allowed, including damage to Users’ computer equipment from viruses.


This Website and the sites linked to it have been examined by EndoCore Lab with great accuracy. Therefore they do not present dangerous or unpleasant contents for children.
The advertised products or services can not be purchased directly through the Website.
In any case, EndoCore Lab is solely and exclusively responsible for the content of its sites and can not be held responsible for the content of third-party sites with which an authorized link exists, as it does not exercise any control over of them.

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